The History of Berig

The first age:
(an eon) when life first came to the world unbidden and culminates in the establishment of sedentary polities.

The second age:
The Dragon Age (4500 years), land ruled by the strongest creatures, the dragons. Territories and alliances created and constantly shifting
The great Miasma: (383 years)The Gods came to the world and waged open war on Berig. They fought about how to treat the intelligent creatures of the world and what their role and freedom would be. The fighting was so devastating that life itself was nearly extinguished and the wars ended only when the last few avatars left living decided to remove their power from the world, most breaking their power into various parts and imparting them into artifacts hidden across the world. Qus as the central figure organizing the departure of the remaining avatars, most of which were neutrally aligned. Few records make note of this fact. The resulting centuries (unknown but around 600 years) life was difficult and the sun and moons hardly visible.

The third age:
The Age of Heroes (2832 years)Dwarves finally emerge from the cave below and the humanoid races begin shaping their world around them. Most Dragons were killed during the great miasma, and for the first time, the races govern themselves. Most monstrous races are destroyed or marginalized.

The fourth Age:
the Age of Man: Current Age. Dwarves have established themselves on the surface at the peripheries. Elves withdrew into an imposed isolationist stand, having repeatedly seen the folly of the short lived races. They keep an eye of the half-folk. Human Kingdoms establish current borders with occasional fluctuations. Life continues.


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